Cooking Through Cookbooks: Magnolia Table {Part One}

{part one of three}

If you are dairy free, do not get this cookbook. 98% (I may be a math teacher, but don’t quote me on that percent) of recipes has heavy cream and/or cheese. If you are not dairy free, you’ll love this cookbook. This household loves anything cheesy and creamy, but probably shouldn’t eat it as much as we do haha! Let me get through this book and then maybe I’ll do better at eating less dairy…maybe.

I am impressed with each thing I have tried thus far. Not much, if any, lunch or salad recipes sparked my interest. I love a good appetizer and soup. So far I have loved all the sides we have tried. Joanna provided a lot of variety of recipes: chicken, beef, fish, Tex-mex, lebanyse, southern, etc. Boy do I not need a desert, but boy were these delicious. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate (very picky), so you wont see recommendations from me, but I am obsessed with lemon and she has plenty lemon dessert recipes that I cannot wait to try.

The pictures from Joana Gaines cookbook, Magnolia Table, are better than any I could capture. So, I want to give credit to Amy Neunsinger for these beautiful photos!



Breakfast foods are one of my favorite types of food and I have yet to try something I haven’t enjoyed from this cookbook. There is such a wide range of casseroles, sweets, and southern breakfast.

JoJo’s Biscuits

Mine did not turn out as I expected. I am not sure what happened, but they were still delicious. They are especially delicious with gravy or jam!

Bobo’s Classic Gravy

One word: YUM. I love biscuits and gravy and this gravy was so yummy. I thought it was interesting that we needed to use sausage patties. I wish this was more of a healthy dish because I would eat this every morning.

Pop’s Strawberry Jam

Wowzers does this have a lot of sugar! I knew jam was sweet, but 7 cups!? Thankfully it was not as sweet as I thought it would be, but it was definitely a sweet jam. I loved using fresh strawberries. Very sticky, so make sure you wipe any jam on the rim before you close it… I literally could not open one of the jars.

Eggs Benedict Casserole

I LOVE Eggs Benedict. This casserole is delicious. It was even great reheated! If I could, I would eat this everyday of my life.

Mushroom, Spanish, & Swiss Quiche

I am not the biggest fan of Swiss cheese, but the overall flavor of the dish tastes delicious.

After-School Banana Bread

Pretty decent banana bread. I liked the touch of the sugar on top.



It’s not a party without chips, queso + guac!

Party Queso

This queso is a queso lover’s dream! The first time I made this was for NYE and everyone was loving it. I have made it since then and again, big hit! I would never have thought to put beans in queso, but I actually love them in there.


So simple, but so delicious.

Beck’s Crackers

Honestly, I was not a fan.



I love a good soup.

Sausage Kale Soup

When the hubs says “mmmm I like this”, you know it can be added in the rotation and I’m glad because I liked this soup too.

Country Potato Soup

This soup was okay. We weren’t that amazed by it, so we will most likely not eat this again.



I have found the jackpot of sides! Without a doubt, I will be making these side dishes till the day I die.

Becki’s Mac & Cheese

Our FAVORITE recipe so far. It is so cheesy, so creamy, and so flavorful. I could eat this every day. If you don’t make anything else from this book, please make this! I’m salivating while writing this. Run, go now and make this!

Brussel Sprouts with Crispy Bacon, Toasted Pecans & Balsamic Reduction

Yes please. I want this again and again and again.

Mashed Potatoes

YUM. These are so simple, yet so delicious. We don’t eat a lot of mashed potatoes, but when we do, this is our new go to recipe.



We are trying to eat less meat, but are making an exception so we can try the recipes in this book.


So. Good. I have always loved my grandmas meatloaf, but I am not going to lie, this is my new favorite meatloaf recipe.

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

 We did not like the texture of the sauce and I feel like it had too much chicken. The Mexican rice I made with this was an epic fail. So overall, this was not a hit for this household.

Chicken Spaghetti

We made this without chicken and enjoyed this as a veggie spaghetti. It was so creamy and delicious – just how we like it. The fact that we omitted the chicken, next time I would add more veggies.

Blackened Fish Tacos with Red Cabbage & Mango Slaw

There is a nice kick to the fish and the mango slaw adds a sweet touch.

Bow Tie Pasta

with baby kale + sun-dried tomatoes

This is a great pasta. I am starting to come around to sun dried tomatoes and I thought pairing them with artichoke hearts was great.

Fried Chicken w/ Sticky Poppy Seed Jam

Not a fan of the Sticky Poppy Seed Jam, but definitely a fan of the fried chicken. This was my first time making fried chicken and they honestly turned out crispy and juicy. Taylor says he wish it had a bit more flavor and I agree. I’m not sure what seasoning you should add, but just keep that in mind if you make this.



I’m not one who craves or needs a dessert, but I usually will never say no to a dessert.

Lemon Pie

YUM. This was scrumptious. I love lemon, but I never like it to be too overpowering; this was not. It had the perfect amount of lemon flavor too it and it was creamy.

Dulce De Leche Apple Pie

This ended up being a hot mess for me. I over cooked the apples so the ended up being soggy. I made my own dough from this cookbook and I’m not sure what the dough was supposed to end up like, but I don’t think I did it right… If everything went right and we ate this fresh, I bet it would have been amazing. Maybe I’ll give it another shot later!

Brownie Pie

I normally am not a fun of nuts in my brownies, but I didn’t mind them in this pie. I learned from my mistake to not make my own dough, so I went with the pilsbury premade dough. Warm this up with a nice cold glass of milk and you’ll be happy.

Aunt Opal’s Banana Pudding

I think I did something wrong when making this, because it turned out soupy and looked nothing like the photo… The flavor was still good though! I just need to give it another shot.

Buttermilk Blueberry Puff

This was a hit! It went fast and got lots of compliments. My brother-in-law compared it to a variety of desserts: flan, cake, cobbler – haha. I will definitely make this again.


Almost every recipe I made for part one, was a hit! I also have never eaten this much butter and cream in my life haha. I’m looking forward to continuing cooking through her cookbook. Keep an eye out for part two.

T H A N K S    F O R    R E A D I N G !