About Me

Hi my name is Amy Hearne, welcome to my world!  Why I started this blog: A Splash of Love was created because of my love for food. For the longest time, I wanted to be a chef. However, my love for being around children and wanting to make a difference in a child’s life, outranked my idea of becoming a chef. I love cooking not only for myself, but for others. Although this is a food blog, occasionally, I may blog about my life and other nonsense!

I wasn’t sure what to name my blog. I tried thinking of witty names that dealt with food, but I knew eventually I would want to expand the blog to more than just food. So, I thought about myself. Everything I do, I try to do it with love. Since this is mainly a food blog I thought of cooking terms: dash, pinch, and splash. I figured “splash” would be better than “A Pinch of Love”. Therefore, A Splash of Love was created.

A little about myself: I am a Texas State graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education through 6th grade. I am currently a third grade math and science teacher in Keller, Texas. Teaching is an incredibly challenging job, but it is also incredibly rewarding. My favorite part is building relationships with my students. I married my handsome high school sweetheart June 24, 2018.  He is a University of North Texas graduate with a degree in Media Communications. He does free lance work as a wedding videographer as well as music video shoots. We have three beautiful fur babies, Leia, Rey + Finn (and yes they are named after Star Wars characters)

I hope y’all enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy blogging!