Spray Painted Wine Bottles

 Aren’t these cute!?

I like to do more than cook and bake, I also like to craft. Here is my first project I want to share with you lovely readers.

What you’ll need:

  • Wine bottles [preferably with no collar]
  • 2 different colors of spray paint
  • Rubber bands, any size
  • Fake flowers

I made these in the summer before I moved into my new apartment. We decided on a the colors grey/silver and yellow. I came across this idea while scrolling through Pinterest and knew I had to make these for the apartment. My roommate Miranda helped supply me with some wine bottles and I ended up picking a large and small one. I wanted to mix up the different shapes, I just think it looks better if they aren’t the same size.  I saved the other bottles to hopefully make some more cool crafts; let me know if you have any ideas!

Once you’ve chosen your bottles, you’ll need to get the label off. You’re going to want to soak them in hot water. I did this by boiling water, in a really large pot, with dish soap. Once it hit a boil, I turned the stove off and soaked the bottles. Then, let them air dry.


I decided to make the yellow as the designs, so I could buy yellow flowers to make it pop. When spraying the bottle, be careful to not make any bubbles or streaks. Once the bottles have dried, wrap as many rubber bands as you prefer around the bottles. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find different sized rubber bands like I wanted. 


Then, spray them with your second color and let them sit. Once again, try not to spray so close to the bottle. You don’t want any bubbles or streaks. I didn’t spray the necks because I planned on wrapping the tops, but the twine didn’t look that great with my colors. However, if you have colors that work with twine, go for it because it looks super cute!


Some of the spray paint stuck to the rubber bands leaving bits of paint sticking off the bottle. I just took my finger nail and carefully chip off the unwanted paint. 



I found my fake flowers at Michaels. I also got blue flowers to add a pop of color!

This project is very easy and turns out great! I see more spray painted wine bottles in my future. 

Source: The Vintage Jar