Everything but the Bagel Salmon

I debate with myself about what my favorite bagel is and that debate is between the everything bagel and the asiago bagel (have you had that one at Einstein’s? – so yummy!) I’ve been into the everything bagel more recently. I never thought to put that seasoning on other things until my cousin told me about Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame seasoning. 

I had this Everything but the Bagel seasoning for awhile and hadn’t put it to much use. We eat fish at least once or twice a week, so I thought “Why not!?” Thank goodness I tried that, because it is one of my favorite ways to season fish now. Its a super simple and quick way to season and prep a fish.

My favorite way to cook fish is by baking it. Over the years I have had problems with over cooking my salmon. I use to think that if it was pink in the middle, it was still undercooked; boy was I wrong! I learned (while watching Master Chef haha) that salmon should have a slightly translucent inside while the outside of the salon is opaque. By looking at the outside and feeling the fish, your salmon should be firm, but has not released it’s fat (milky white dots that accumulate) then your salmon is cooked through. I use to think you wanted a flaky salmon, but come to find out, that means that it’s likely overcooked and dried out. What you really want when testing with a fork, is that the salmon gives way and pulls apart into pieces. 



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