Spiced Pumpkin Tartlets

I love Fall. The weather, the clothing, the food, the desserts, the holiday. Everything about fall is magnificent. However, this Fall has been a little funky. The weather has been flip flopping. One day it feels like winter, then fall, the winter, then summer, then fall… All I know is, as long as I can wear a long sleeve I am all for it.

Now on to the tartlets. I wanted to make mini pumpkin pies, but my mom mentioned I should make these to mix things up a bit. These almost remind me of the pumpkin fluff I made a couple years back, but put into a pastry cup. What I think is unique about this recipe is the orange zest. It is an optional topping, but I think everyone should top these tartlets. 

They are very easy to make to and quick! So if you are in the need of a recipe to bring to a party or serve at your festivities, try this.


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