Garlic Shrimp Asparagus + Mushroom Skillet

I am all about quick and simple dishes! However, in the summer I don’t really need quick dishes. Thats what is nice about summer, I have the time to spend in the kitchen and make amazingly delicious meals. Taylor isn’t the best at cooking, but it is nice having him in the kitchen and spending time cooking together; doesn’t happen much, but when it does it is fun sharing something you love to do with the one you love. 

For those who don’t have the luxury of a summer with no work, this dish is great for a busy week nights. It  only took about 20 or so minutes to cook up. However, Taylor wanted rice with it, so really it was more like 45 minutes to make. Mine and Taylor’s favorite veggie is asparagus and I love mushrooms, so this dish was a hit in our house! Side note: did you know asparagus makes your pee smell! Have you ever noticed that? If not, eat some asparagus and next time you use the restroom see if you can smell the difference. I promise I am not crazy!

What I especially loved about this dish is that it makes you eat your veggies! Taylor and I are not the best at getting our daily fruits and veggies. I have been getting better at incorporating vegetables into our dinners, but rarely do we ever eat veggies during lunch. I also love fruit, but I always seem to buy it and not eat it. So, thats another goal of mine is to eat fruit every day with lunch. Not hard goals to make, so here is to achieving our goals!


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